Insinkerator F-601 Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser ( 2 – Pack )

Replacement Under-Sink Water Filters – Insinkerator F-601 Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser ( 2 – Pack )

Be grateful for seeing these pages. For anybody who is trying to find the best Replacement Under-Sink Water Filters products and trusted, we suggest Insinkerator F-601 Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser ( 2 – Pack ) as the best option for you to have a budget friendly price and excellent quality. To ensure you get the maximum take advantage of this product, following a review of Insinkerator F-601 Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser ( 2 – Pack ).

Features and Specifications: Insinkerator F-601 Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser ( 2 – Pack )

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor for a cleaner, fresher tasting water.
  • Reduces lead, mercury, cysts, asbestos, lindane, benzene, atrazine and other chemicals for healthier, safer water.
  • NSF standard 42 and 53 listed
  • Recommended filter cartridge replacement 6-12 months
  • Includes 2 replacement Insinkerator F-601R Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser

The F-601R Water Filtration System Replacement Filter Plus pack contains 2 replacement cartridges for the F-201 Water Filtration System, ideal for any instant hot water dispenser, refrigerator, icemaker or virtually any drinking water system.The InSinkErator F-601R Replacement Filter is for use with the F-201 Filtration System, the only system designed specifically for Instant Hot Water Dispensers. The F-601R Filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, lead, mercury, asbestos, cysts and other contaminants for cleaner, healthier water. The F-601 Filter is NSF Standard 42 and 53 listed. Sanitary Quick-Change Filter Cartridges make cartridge replacement fast and easy, without contact with used filter material. Also ideal for refrigerators, icemakers, or virtually any drinking water system.

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Replacement Filter
At a Glance:
  • For healthier, safer water

  • Simply twist to replace filter cartridge
  • Includes 2 filter replacement cartridges for use on the F-201 Filtration System
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor, lead, mercury, cysts, and other harmful chemicals
  • NSF Standard 42 listed
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Enjoy clean, refreshing, filtered water right from the tap
InSinkErator F-601R lifestyle shot
InSinkErator’s filtration system lets you forgo plastic water bottles and rely on tap water to be the primary source for drinking, cooking and preparing hot beverages.

Why Filtration?
Consuming water is an important part of our daily lives, considering it makes up about 70 percent of our body weight. While it is reported that a healthy person can live without food for weeks, a person can only survive a few days without water.

The United States offers its citizens one of the safest water supplies in the world. Even so, many consumers are using home purification systems to help ensure the best tasting and safest water for drinking and cooking. In addition, others are consuming bottled water for reasons of both convenience and safety.

As for safety, many people throughout the country have no qualms about drinking tap water due to regular testing and monitoring by government agencies to ensure it is safe. Drinking water can reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. As long as those contaminants are at levels no higher than EPA standards, the water is considered safe to drink for healthy people. There are also cases where water may go unchecked. Many homes are on private wells, not municipal water, and therefore have no EPA regulation.

But numerous consumers still seek cleaner, better tasting water, as evidenced by the billions spent on bottled water each year. And because of recent reports that some bottled water supplies come from municipal water – not pristine water sources as promoted – coupled with questions about the safety of the plastic used in many water bottles and their environmental impact, consumers are left wondering what other options exist.

With an InSinkErator hot/cool water dispenser, the need for bottled water becomes obsolete, as it delivers filtered drinking water directly from the tap. Other instant hot water dispenser environmental benefits include:

  • Water savings compared to other methods – Uses only what’s needed, zero water waste
  • Improved water quality with filtration – Reduces a variety of contaminants
  • Energy efficient – Heats water at the source, no energy waste

Easy to Replace
The InSinkErator F-601R Filter Cartridge makes replacement easy. A simple twist is all it takes!

A 6-12 month time span is recommended for filter cartridge replacement (it is recommended that all carbon filters be replaced within 12 months), and the filter system automatically shuts off water when the filter cartridge is being replaced.

This system is ideal for use virtually anywhere filtered water is needed, such as with ice makers and refrigerators.

What’s in the Box
InSinkErator F-601R Replacement Filters (2 included).

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If you have an interest in buying the Insinkerator F-601 Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser ( 2 – Pack ), see to it you buy the best quality products at unique prices. Before you buy make sure you buy it at the store that has a good track record and excellent service. Thank you for seeing this page, we hope it can assist you to obtain info of Insinkerator F-601 Filter Cartridge for Hot Water Dispenser ( 2 – Pack ).